The Cedarville Indian Mound is usually a popular place for not only college students, but from locals in Cedarville and other surrounding towns. As winter winds down and spring starts to encourage new growth, Cedarcliff Falls becomes one of the many picture destinations for visitors. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this beautiful park, take a few hours to explore the trails, admire the giant walls of rock, an old fashion arch bridge, of course the Indian Mound, and the river with its natural beauty.

With high and low trails, you can take your pick on the elevated scenic route, or the trail generic viagra la that follows the river closely. No matter which path you take, there is always interesting nature that can be viewed. The Little Miami Railroad ran through Cedarville and what appears to be some old railroad structures can still be seen through the dense overgrowth. The Indian Mound is a decent hike so be prepared with proper shoes.

If you are looking for a relaxing Saturday afternoon and simply need to experience Cedarville Ohio to the fullest, start with a visit to the Cedarville Indian Mound Reserve. You can find more information about this park here.

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