Connecting to nearly every town in the southwest Ohio area, the Cedarville Ohio bike path is a great way to explore and view the beautiful countryside. Cutting through corn fields, down long open fields, overhanging trees, and of course always a chance to see nature, the bike path is not only perfect for getting exercise, it’s also a great way to explore another town without needing a car.

The Cedarville bike path has basically two directions, north, or south. North connects you to the greater Springfield area, and south connects you to Wilberforce, Xenia, and Dayton. Upon riding the path into Cedarville, the trail leads right past Cassie Jo’s diner and the HearthStone Inn, in case you get hungry or tired along the way. Not forgetting about the care of your ride, there is bike pump and a variety of wrenches in order to help fix or repair small mechanical issues.

So the next time you are visiting town and looking for a great way to explore Ohio, check out the Cedarville Bike Path.

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