With a truly unique skill set that comes in handy when the doors to your cabinets are falling off, or you outgrew your dining table and need a bigger one, Phil Kochsmeier is the owner of Maple Street Woodworking in downtown Cedarville, Ohio.

Located next to the Cedarville Opera House and across from Beans-N-Cream, Phil creates custom pieces of furniture that stand proud with craftsmanship and quality. Each piece of furniture is carefully built to fit the needs of each individual.

When you purchase a piece or employ the services of Maple Street Woodworking, you can rest assured that Phil will deliver you a high quality, creative and beyond satisfactory work of craftsmanship.

To visit their store, go to 86 N Main St. Cedarville, Ohio.
To contact Maple Street Woodworking, visit their website here, or on facebook here, or email atpkochsmeier15@gmail.com.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Will definitely stop into your shop the next time I’m in the VIlle. I grew up in Ohio. My grandfather and then my father owned Cedarville Hardware. I’m also a wood worker. Look forward to meeting you. Best regards, David Luttenberger


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