Cedarville, Ohio has a rich history dating itself back to the early 1800s. The native Americans, Hopewell and Adenas tribes primarily controlled the landscape until John and Thomas Townsley purchased 1000 acres of the land and named the city Newport’s Mill. Though the city had several name changes through the years, with its tall Cedar trees which grew in abundance here, the town came to its final name, Cedarville.

Life in the new town quickly started modernizing as the first school was built in 1823, the first church was built in 1834, and even a small post office began service. A railroad service used to go through the center of town that transported goods from the 3 mills that helped employ the small community.

By 1850, the population in Cedarville had grown to 2716. The Civil War encouraged people from surrounding states to uproot their families and take sides in the war, some ultimately moving their families north to Cedarville. Through the years the town as continued to grow and things gradually changed.

The downtown area still looks very similar to how it did 100 years ago with its most generic viagra express delivery memorable landmark, the Cedarville Opera House. Standing tall through the years, this building has seen decades of changes and is a constant reminder of Cedarville’s rich historical past. New stores spring up time to time as the town continues to grow and support more business. With Cedarville University’s ever growing student population, it makes settling here a little more attractive for small business owners.

Cedarville has always remained a friendly place and is a home to nearly 4000 people today. The streets are paved, newer buildings have emerged, and the old railroad station is gone. Time has gone by, but the heart of the city is still remains the same. This town is an all-american town that upholds the traditional values our country was founded on. Patriotism being one of them. There are still Fourth of July Parades for Cedarfest, Labor Day parades, and Flag Day that people still show their pride for their country. As time goes by, Cedarville Ohio will continue to change and modernize, but lets hope in some ways, it still remembers the old days too.

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