Halloween in Cedarville, Ohio is always an exciting time. It is the start of small town festivities as the holidays start approaching quickly. This year, Halloween is being celebrated on the actual Halloween day, October 31st. Tuesday evening will be an exciting time as hundreds of children dress up in costumes of nearly every Disney character, movie hero, or scary creature. The most popular costumes this year play off of the TV show, Stranger Things and Baywatch. However, you can bet there will be lots of Frozen costumes, as well as your usual little animal costumes.

The big night starts at 6:00 p.m. and goes till 8:00 p.m. Popular streets well known for high volume of candy and lots of houses include Regency, Creamer, Palmer and Kyle. And, with the weather a bit chilly, stick to the heavy neighborhoods to get the biggest bag of candy with the least amount of walking. Growing up in Cedarville as a kid, I had my route down, and it always delivered.

A few things to keep in mind this Halloween season: Be careful when crossing the streets as it will be dark, possibly rainy, and with extra traffic on the street, take you time, and pay attention to where you’re walking, and less focus on posting pictures to Facebook. Secondly, Cedarville is growing, so be sure to check out newer streets that weren’t in business last year, particularly the Meadows out on 42 heading out of town. Finally, have a great time and be smart. It’s always a fun time and to ensure that it stays this well, always have a watchful eye out for suspicious activity.

Halloween in Cedarville, Ohio has a strong tradition of being a great time, and we look forward to celebrating Halloween again this year.

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