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Creativity Voice Studio

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Creativity Voice Studio
Located in beautiful Clifton, Ohio, Creativity Voice Studio will help you learn to sing in a safe and supportive setting with options for weekly or bi-monthly classes available.

  • Non-judgmental, creative teaching methods for beginning to intermediate students. 
  • No previous training or experience required. Local teacher who has taught students for over 20 years. 
  • We’ll begin at your level and I’ll provide the necessary building blocks for good vocal foundation. 
  • This includes the exercises for breath support, control, tone, pitch, power, projection, enunciation, projection, ear training, an awareness of your unique voice, your vocal range and an understanding of how it all works.
Trish Mairet is a jazz sildenafil purchase online vocalist and has taught vocal students for 20 years. She has a natural ability to see exactly what each student needs to focus on for improvement. She insures that students know who to practice on their own and can continue to develop their abilities long-term. She is accessible and very hands on and has taught hundreds of young people and adults how to sing and perform. She held an on-going weekly, ‘Vocal Forum’ for 5 years, which is a practice session group for vocalists to work on their repertoire, with a live band. 
For more information: 
Lessons held at Clifton Opera House

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