The Cedarville Opera House has a rich history that dates itself back to 1888. Cedarville was a small town at the time, however there was one facet that made it feasible to have such a large opera house; the Pennsylvania Railroad. This railroad passed through Cedarville, providing a steady stream of people who were eager for fresh entertainment. becoming the center for community life, the Cedarville Opera House was known for being the place to host concerts, public rallies, town hall meetings, and other performances.

Sadly in 1956, the Opera House closed its doors due to alternative means of transportation, meaning that people could make the trip to other cities more easily for entertainment. During that time, severe damage occurred to the structure of the building and after 30 years of neglect, it was on the brink of demolition. Eventually, people started taking notice of the aging building and decided to take action. Passing a city levy to restore the building, the ceilings and main support beams received much needed care, and slowly, life was breathed back into this historic building. In 1984, it was placed on the Historic Preservation Commission of Cedarville. There were a few other events that happened between then and now, but for the most important part, it is now operational again.

Hosting mostly concerts these days, along with the Police Department, Cedarville Historical Society, and Town Trustee meeting space, the Cedarville Opera House provides that much needed public space and reminds Cedarville of its rich culture. The chairs and the balcony, the stage, and ceiling all remind us of the legacy the opera house has left and the memories of those who enjoyed it prior to us.

To find out more information about upcoming performances and how to get tickets, visit their website.

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