As the seasons change in Cedarville, Ohio, it’s neat to see how the different stages of nature slightly mimic the different stages of life. Summer. It’s the time when life is casual, care-free, fast paced. The kids play outside, vacations are planned, and the back porch is always full with friends coming over for a hamburger and laughs. The smell of freshly cut grass, the chirping of birds and the cool breeze of evening fog coming in from the country side. It’s a time to get things done.

Then, every year around mid September, fall sets in. Fall in Cedarville is one of the most beautiful times of the year because the trees turn bright gold, orange, and red. The smell of the leaves sweeten the air, the temperatures start to slowly drop, and the windows around the house can be opened for the first time all summer. Campfires, fall festivals, and the anticipations of the holidays make this time period memorable.

Winter. What starts off to be a neat time of waiting for the first snow to fall quickly becomes the most complained about season of the year with its full barrage of rainy, wintry weather and sickness that spreads. While the snow makes the landscape look nice for a few days, the cold wind makes everyone long for warmer days. The sun rises for 3 hours and sets generic viagra ohio again, usually around lunch. It’s the time of year that life slows down because it takes a while to get anywhere when snow is on the road. The quick decision to run to Xenia, or catch a movie at The Greene quickly turns into a pros/cons discussion and more than likely, Netflix on the couch wins.

But then one day, when we have all given up on a warm weather and ever seeing the sun, a bright light appears in the sky. We stand there confused for a while and realize, the sun does exist. Spring starts to emerge and after a long winter, the plants start to unfold and new life begins to grow again.  Life also comes in cycles. There will always be times of extreme fun care-free laughter, excitement. The Good Times. Then there are periods of life that act as transition periods to slower pace of life. Sometimes tragedy unfortunately enters life and things come to a grinding halt.

But thankfully, the rain does let up, the wind stops smacking you in the face, and things do get better. It’s spring in Cedarville. Plant something new. A relationship, friendship, a small business idea…or even a simple flower. It’s spring in Cedarville and it’s time to be creative and see what opportunities lay ahead.

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