Cedarville Ohio had its annual Easter egg hunt for children of nearly all ages. The festivities started at 12:00 p.m. and included activities such as hula-hoop dancing, cart rides, and of course the Easter Egg hunts. There were three different hunts in designated sections for the different age groups. In between all the fun, there was a guest appearance from Disney with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse posing for special photo ops.

Also, there was a rumor that the Ester Bunny had also arrived, and was later confirmed that he too took part in many sildenafil tablets online photo shoots. It was absolutely a perfect day outside and the Cedarville community was able to capitalize on it with alot of fun. The Cedarville Easter Egg hunt was sponsored by the Cedarville Library.

In all, there was estimated to have been over 3000 Easter eggs distributed with the biggest prizes being 3 new bikes being handed out. And for those of you who were wondering where they found Easter eggs big enough to hold a bike, the Easter eggs were normal sizes and had vouchers in them for the grands prizes.

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