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Donna Jeans Bulk Foods

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One of the newer stores in Cedarville, Donna Jeans Bulk Foods is an excellent choice when looking for non-gmo ingredients. Donna Jeans Bulk Foods is a small family store where they believe that hard work is the best kind of work. They package everything from Dried Fruits and vegetables, pasta, soups, flour and, sugar to old fashion candy and fresh spices that you remember your grandmother used to use to cook with.

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Winner’s Village Market

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Serving the town of Cedarville and the campus of Cedarville University, Winner’s Village Market, previously known as Super Value, is the premiere place to go for food and fuel. Being the only gas station in town, they are the place to be and the prices are usually only a dime more than in Springfield or Xenia. If you’re hungry, stop in and browse through the grocery aisle of food to satisfy the late sildenafil online prescription night cravings.
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Dollar General

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Right next to Winner’s Village Market is the newly installed Dollar General. Most people are familiar with Dollar General for their bargain retail chain selling a range of household goods, groceries, beauty products and more. If you can’t can you buy generic viagra find it at the Village Market and the other local restaurants are closed, this is where you go.

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