Located right off of Route 72 between Springfield and Cedarville, Kent’s Feed Barn is the place to go or a family friendly business that has alot to offer. They are a small family owned business. They offer animal feed and supplies and have feeds for all needs. Birds, cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, rabbits….you get the picture. They offer a great selection of show feeds. Stop by and check them out for all sorts of animal needs. In addition to animal feeds, there is a limited supple of home grown vegetables, and local honey. Support the local business by shopping at Kent’s Feed Barn. Visit them on facebook.


Cedarcare Village Pharmacy has established itself as the best resource for providing quality prescription and pharmacy services to Cedarville and surrounding communities.  Located right on the corner of Route 42 and 72, skip the trip to Xenia and visit the local store where you will find friendly help behind the counter and willing staff that can answer questions about which option is best for your needs.

Also, there is Cedarville Highschool and Cedarville University sweatshirts and T-shirts for sale, along with a limited inventory of other branded apparel.

It’s neat to see community pull together and one way people do that is by donating clothing and other items to 2nd Act of Cedarville. Primarily driven by donation, 2nd Act provides affordable clothing among other household items to people in Cedarville Ohio and the surrounding community. Located directly on mains street, the 2nd Act store is easy to access buy with lots of parking directly behind the store.

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