The Village Petaler is the only flower shop to serve the Cedarville and surrounding area. There is no more need to travel long distances, pay the exuberant prices for online retail flower stores, as the solution is now here. Welcome to The Village Petaler.

The Village Petaler is currently an in-home floral shop. We began our business with our wedding back in September of 2011, and Jaklyn has continued to work along with creative friends and her family to provide elegance and beauty to events ever since.

Call today to place an order, or visit their facebook page: (937) 926-2496

With a truly unique skill set that comes in handy when the doors to your cabinets are falling off, or you outgrew your dining table and need a bigger one, Phil Kochsmeier is the owner of Maple Street Woodworking in downtown Cedarville, Ohio.

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Established in 2003, the Barber of the Ville has been providing excellent hair treatment for the village of Cedarville, Ohio. Owned and operated by Tony Pergram, the location has easy access right off of main street and is only a few steps away from Orion Coffee. Schedule an appointment or walk right in to get your hair cut done right.

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