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Winter In Cedarville Ohio

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For the last few months in Cedarville, Ohio, we have enjoyed escaping the blistering cold and snow that much of the northeast was battling. With warm temperatures for late November, and while some of us were still mowing grass in December, it seemed that this year, winter might let us off the hook with another mediocre winter. While the totality of that still remains to be seen, for now, winter has set in and it is cold…cold…cold. With temperatures dipping to single digits and even into the negative zone, the wind whipping snow through the air definitely brings a wintry vibe.

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Little Town of Lights Christmas Line Up

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Each year, Cedarville Ohio takes on the challenge of decorating itself in preparation for the Christmas season. With giant colorful garlin candles hanging from street lights, large Christmas trees in shopping windows, and with lights dangling from signs and entry ways, Cedarville is nearly ready for its second largest event of the year, Little Town of Lights.

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Halloween In Cedarville Ohio

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Halloween in Cedarville, Ohio is always an exciting time. It is the start of small town festivities as the holidays start approaching quickly. This year, Halloween is being celebrated on the actual Halloween day, October 31st. Tuesday evening will be an exciting time as hundreds of children dress up in costumes of nearly every Disney character, movie hero, or scary creature. The most popular costumes this year play off of the TV show, Stranger Things and Baywatch. However, you can bet there will be lots of Frozen costumes, as well as your usual little animal costumes.

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