The British Brass Band made quite an appearance today at the Cedarville Opera House. With over 45 members in uniform and with their instruments, the stage was full.

Under the direction of Michael Gallehue, the brass band preformed classics from the early 1900’s such as Britannia Fanfare and March, Solid Men to the Front, Overture to “La Belle Helene” and The Lost Chord. It was impressive how the sound filled the air and no matter where people were sitting, their buy cheap sildenafil citrate uk music was heard clearly.

The band garnered a great crowd with people sitting in the front, middle, back and even in the balcony sections. On a perfect Sunday like today, there is nothing more classy than visiting the Cedarville Opera House for an excellent concert. If you feel like you missed out, well, you did, because they were excellent. However, check out more events at the Opera House by visiting there website so you won’t miss out next time.

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