Cedarville, Ohio is not located next to a beautiful beach with rows of palm trees and crystal clear water. We’re not in the mountains of Colorado with it’s beautiful white peaks and gorgeous panoramics. While Cedarville doesn’t have the luxuries of most travel destinations, what it does have makes it unique.

It is situated in the perfect position on the map. With the convenience of nearby communities such as Xenia, generic viagra express shipping Beavercreek, Springfield and Dayton, it is far enough from the big city life to appreciate the quiet, peacefulness of a sunset on a spring day. Perhaps this was particularly interesting after the last several weeks of rain. But whatever it was, tonight’s sunset stood out, and at an elevation of 500 feet, it’s obvious to see why this little town continues to grow.


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  1. Jackie Pyles
    Jackie Pyles says:

    I love what I’m seeing and reading on this site. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together! It makes Cedarville look like one of the best small towns to live in. I’d have to agree!

  2. Kyra Campbell
    Kyra Campbell says:

    Hello! I am from the Cedarville Yearbook Staff. I was if I could use these pictures of Cedarville for the yearbook. We could give you credit for them if you’d like. Please let me know!!


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