It’s common knowledge that living in a small town increases life expectancy by nearly half a decade. While that may not be true, there are some serious advantages to living in a small town.

While it is easy to long for the traffic jams, the thick smog, and the over populated suburbs, when you stop and consider the the benefits to living in a small town like Cedarville, Ohio, you may come realize that you don’t miss those things as much as you thought you did.

Easy  To Get From One Side of Town to the Other
Take traffic for instance: when was the last time you were able to get from one side of the city to the other in under .30 and not pass another car on the other side of the road? Unheard of? Not in this town. Once the college students go home for the summer, the sidewalks roll up, the traffic lights go to sleep, and the town basically hibernates for three months. Not only is it an easy town to travel through, it is also easy to navigate. There might not be more than 2 one-way streets, making it virtually impossible to get stuck going the wrong way.

Everyone Knows Who You Are
There is a sense of community that develops in small towns that is unlike what you find in larger cities. In the neighborhoods, you actually get to know the people that live next to you and behind you. In fact, you get to know most of the town rather quickly. I lived in a big city for 7 years and while I was in the same apartment for only 3 of those years, the people around me in that apartment complex moved in and out over 3 times during those three years. It made it impossible to get to know them and development meaningful friendships. It is not uncommon to walk down the street and greet everyone you meet by their first name. There is also a sense of accountability if you see your neighbors trash blowing down the street. You don’t think someone else is bound to get it. Instinct kicks in and you take care of it yourself. For those few streets you rarely go down, don’t worry, you’ll probably meet them in church.

Typically Safer
Growing up in a small town, I was never worried about being kidnapped, mugged, or lost. Sadly, while that does occur occasionally in small towns, for the majority of towns in America, they are safer, due to the lower crime rates and the proactive towns people that report suspicious behavior. When people get to know each other, it’s easier to have your neighbors back. People look out for each other more and there is a better sense of community. While community does exist in larger cities, there is a more personal community feeling when people know who everyone is. Cedarville is a small patriotic conservative town, which is a big reason buy generic viagra cialis drugs, gangs and crime typically can’t find a home here. Things do happen, but typically on a smaller scale and much less frequent.

You Can Walk Everywhere
Parking meters? What are those? You won’t find any of those in this town because if you have five to ten minutes on your hands, you can walk nearly anywhere in town. Whether it’s to Winner’s Market Village, Colonial Pizza, or Cedarville High School, a good pair of shoes or sandals will go a long way.

Slower Pace of Life
It’s not that people in small towns have more time than people in larger cities, but somehow, people in smaller towns are in less of a hurry and more likely to take life at a slower pace. The city life can add a sense of always needing to rush around, and when you remove the traffic and the constant horns and sirens, it’s easier to relax and notice the birds, clouds, and the changing of the seasons. It’s not uncommon to see small groups of people hanging out at the store, talking about life, and enjoying an evening. I’ve once walked slowly down the center of the road and no car every passed by on either side. There wasn’t a sense of urgency that often wells up inside when I am in Columbus or Cincinnati.

Lower Cost of Living
Living in a small town is usually cheaper than larger cities for one reason. Property taxes. We all hate paying them and it’s simply money out the window. In a small town like Cedarville, the average home property tax is nearly half would it would run in larger cities. Large portions of homes in Columbus will run anywhere from $5K – 10K per year. If you really want to fee rich, there are houses in Naples, Florida that run $450,000 per year in simply property taxes. While I wish we didn’t have them, at least they are reasonable.

Easier to stay informed
If you haven’t gotten the idea that because you live in a small town creates a better sense of community, you probably skipped most of the article. Having that close knit community make sit easier to share information. While doing yard work, I’ll talk with my neighbor and if something interesting happened, that is sure to be brought up. There are always the “Hey, did you hear….and the “Wow, I never knew that…” and of course my favorite, ” I heard from…” to get your news from. Without a local newspaper, word of mouth and the modern text is about as fast as news travels here. Since most the community goes to one of the several churches in town, announcements are made and the information get disseminated very quickly.

Yes, while a small town doesn’t come with all the conveniences of larger cities, there are definitely benefits to living in a small town. And who knows, maybe it will actually add a few years onto your life.

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