People come to Cedarville all the time and ask, “what is there to do in Cedarville.” That is a great question, seeing that Cedarville Ohio is rather isolated from the glamour of other big cities such as Cincinnati or Columbus. However, there are some great options and to highlight a few of them, let’s take a look a the top 5.

5. Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve
Looking for a great place to go hiking for the day? Visit the Clifton Gorge in Clifton, Ohio. This 268 acre preserve is proud of its rivers, canyons, overlooks and it beautiful trails. Located in Clifton Ohio off of SR 343, it the perfect place to explore nature, take pictures, get away from life’s activity and enjoy the open air. Explore the huge rock formation that have been there for thousands of years, or walk some of the newer trails. Either way, you won’t be disappointed you came. (approximate distance from Cedarville: 4.2 miles)

4. Clifton Mill
The Clifton Mill was historically built in 1802 and is remembered for being one of the largest water powered grist mills still in existence. Through the years, the mill has changed hands as different families have take their turn operating it. Today, it is an exciting experience to see the inner workings of the mill, walk through the covered bridge, and taste first hand some of the mill’s finest dining.

Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Clifton Mill provides excellent dining experiences with real, authentic ingredients. If you happen to be visiting the mill near Christmas, well, you’ll just have to see it to believe it. The Clifton Mill sets up a light display that can be seen for miles. With nearly 5,000,000 lights, it is absolutely spectacular to see it all lit up at night. Visit the Clifton Mill website for more information. (approximate distance from Cedarville: 4 miles)

3. John Bryan State Park
At John Bryan State Park, you can find a local 752 acre park, a picturesque limestone gorge, and miles of scenic walking trails. With activities such as camping, boating, hiking, picnicking fishing, and biking, it is a great place to take advantage of a good day outside. If you’re planning a larger cookout, there is even a shelter that can be reserved for your party with picnic tables, outdoor grills, and restroom facilities close order sildenafil by.

Often times parks don’t have wide open fields because after all, most parks are simply hiking trails cut out through the forest. That is where John Bryan goes a step further. They are several large areas for recreational sports, perfect for throwing a frisbee, football, or even playing disc golf. The park is always a great place to hang out with friends, plan a romantic walk, or simply enjoy some alone time. (approximate distance from Cedarville: 7 miles)

2. The Greene
The Greene is the premiere location for upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment. Located in Beavercreek, Ohio, The Greene had stores such as American Outfitters, Banana Republic, Apple, Chico’s, Express, Forever 21, GameStop, and Eddie Bauer, including many more. For those that are feeling a little famished, there is an endless amount of choices for fine dining: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Crave, Panera Bread, Noodles & Co, The Pub, Cheesecake Factory, Funny Bone Bar & Grill, as well as classic favorites such as BD Mongolian Grill.

After dinner, check out the entertainment options with Cinemark Movie Theater, comedy talent at the local pubs, or simply enjoy the night life walking down the streets with lights and shops guiding your path. While it will cost you more than visiting a local park, it’s definitely a hot spot to go for having a good time. Visit The Greene’s website here for more information and upcoming events. (approximate distance from Cedarville: 24 miles)

1. Youngs Dairy Farm
Coming in at number one on our top 5 things to do in Cedarville Ohio is Youngs Dairy. Probably the most renown place in the area, Youngs Dairy, (Youngs), has always been a local favorite known for their doughnuts, icecream, animals, miniature golf, batting cages, golf driving range, and their restaurant. It’s the ultimate place for fun, affordable entertainment. Started in 1869, this 60 acre farm started as a milk company and has slowly progressed into it’s own landmark.

On any given night of the week, especially on weekends, the parking lots can be packed with college students, local families, and tourist who have heard of the place and want to taste its delicious cuisine for themselves. It has become so popular over the years that it even has its own stoplight now. For more information about Youngs Dairy, visit them online here(approximate distance from Cedarville: 9 miles)

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