Graduation time is always the most exciting time for any student is who either entering college from high school, or the employment world from college. It’s a huge step in their lives as they move to a new world that has more responsibility, more freedom, and more decisions.

For Cedarville, it’s an exciting time as not only the high school has their graduation, but also Cedarville University has it’s graduation. With the university graduation, this brings about unprecedented activity and traffic to the small community that is rivaled each year. The local business struggle to keep up as thousands of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends rush the small town to see their loved ones graduate. It is always exciting, but with the influx of people, comes an influx of traffic, making navigation slow and sometimes nearly impossible.

Here are 3 tips for navigating traffic this year.

1. Use A Different Entrance
Know the three main entrances in and out of Cedarville University. Typically most people in from 72 and use the main entrance across the street from Winners Village Market. While that is the preferred entrance, many visitors don’t know that there are two other entrances that are just as convenient and will cut down on lone traffic lines. Using either the early entrance on 72 by the baseball fields, or the Bridge St. entrance by the Health Science Center could save you half an hour of waiting in line as the bulk of people pour into the front entrance. Parking lots are available in both locations, so save time by using one of these other entrances. Below shoes a diagram of the three main entrances. The bottom two on on Route 72, and the third is located on Bridge St.

2. Walk Where and When You Can
This can’t be over stated. If you are planning on grabbing Colonial pizza, Telemetry Coffee, or a snack at the Corner Bakery, save yourself time and hassle by walking the half a mile down the street. Parking spaces are always at a premium and the main road is always so packed with people loading up their cars, visitors trying to find a way to turn around, and people crossing the street everywhere. Downtown Cedarville isn’t that far from the university, so if you have a few extra minutes and the weather cooperates, take a stroll downtown. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Get There Early
Get where early you ask? Yes, everywhere. It doesn’t where. If it is for graduation day, get there well before 10:00 as the roads fill up quickly. If it is for the restrooms, don’t wait till everyone is dismissed. If it is for pizza, of course, beat the rush. I am not saying don’t enjoy the current event by rushing to get everywhere, but if there is a particular restaurant, activity, or meeting place that you are excited to get to, plan on leaving early for it. Everything takes longer during graduation weekend as the town doubles in size instantly over night.

By following a few of these tips, I hope this provides a little help for you as guests as you experience everything that Cedarville has to offer. It truly is a unique town and CedarSnap exists to help people have an enjoyable experience while they are here.

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